a line project 3 -book- vol3 (english)

- a line -

The journey of life is long.
Many times, I was tired to keep walking.
Some time, I wanted to give up everything.
Often, I felt I’m nothing.
I frequently wanted to finish my life.
I went through one of the dyeing processes in my life.
In the process, I could hardly see the end.
However, there was nothing useless in our life.
It was the most fruitful time for me.
When I knew I was nothing, I understood what was given to me.
When I knew I’m not living by my will and strength but I’m set in an eternal stream, my heart filled with gratitude.
New buds come out after the death.
Waiting is not passive attitude but very active.
It’s the attitude, static action to go on to the next phase

Every year people celebrate Christmas in the world.
Christ came to create image of LOVE, so that people can see it.
He was born to die.
He shed His life like a dust on the ground to give eternal life to us.
In that day, he became nothing.
That was a begging of the greatest art project of God.

“ Unless a grain of wheat falls into a ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. ”John12:24

Flower is beautiful because it does not remain forever.
The flower will die to bear fruits.
The fruits bear seeds.
Seed bear a life.
We can see the new life beyond from the death.
From the process of the death produce new life.
"Is it possible to create artworks, die my selves, without express myself?"
This is a question, I have been asking for my self for a few years.

One night I remembered a bible verse.
“Like wise the Spirit also helps in our weakness. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered.” Rome 8:26

There are many deferent ways to pray.
In that case, if we draw a line with our prayer, that can be an image of our prayer.

Prayer can be an image.

At the midnight, I picked up a pencil and a sketchbook, and I drew a line.
Some feeling, I cannot express, came out from my heart

I drew many lines again and again.

I drew a line, thinking about people who kill their life.

I drew a line, thinking about young men who kill parents who gave a life to them.

I drew a line, thinking about the children who were abused and killed by parents who should love them.

I drew a line, thinking about people who living with fear of bombs in the faraway country.

I can’t help them.
I can do nothing for them.
My hands are too short to reach out.
I drew lines, thinking about those people.
Some feeling, I cannot express, came out from my belly.

I believe everybody has creativity.

In the Genesis, God said “Let Us make man in Our image”
If God made us in His image. He definitely imparted His creativity to us. So that anybody can be artists.
They just don’t know how to express.
How about you?
Do you think you can’t draw?
Do you know that we can express many things through only a line?

Many times, we can find person’s character, strong-willed or delicate, from the handwriting.
That’s mean we reading many in formations from them.

A line. We can put many things in a line.

Messages, we want to share.
Thought, which nobody know.
Impression, we cannot express.
Resentment, burst into flame.
Joy, trembled our heart.
Groaning, cannot be uttered
Peace, calm our heart.
Pain, nobody understands.
Dreams, almost give up.
Love, cannot contain.

Everybody have something in their heart, which they cannot express.

Why do we express?
Show power?
Conform themselves?
Love each other?

A line on a paper which drawing by someone.

It contains his heart.
It’s is a piece of his life.
It’s just a paper kind of rubbish for the person who is not interested in.
It might overlook and throw out.
I took it and give it life as an artwork.
This is also a process of death and Resurrection.

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