Dear friends,

How have you been doing for this year? I hope you had a meaningful and fruitful time.

As for me, this year, I had whole my projects in the early half of this year; I stayed in NY for a month in Feb and involved IAM Encounter 2009 as a project of the S-air award 2008, and also had a very unique group exhibition which using very old house with local young artists. Both projects were very stimulative and gave me deep thoughts very much.

In Jun of 2010, I am going to have solo exhibition in my hometown, Sapporo, Hokkaido. Hope to see some of you there and if not somewhere else.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Fumie Ando

Bed Project 27-29.Feb.2009
IAM ENCOUNTER2009(Ner York)/S-airAward2008

S-airAward presentation 13. March.2009 U-cala(Sapporo)

S-airAward2008 report exhibition 6-26. April.2009 Cafe
Cafe Esquisse (Sapporo)

612621  12-21, Jun. 2009 Mr.Kikuchi's old house (Sapporo)

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